FSEconomy World Tour 65: SB01/SNRB-SBIH

Made a tiny hop from Fazenda Rosa De Maio to the airport of Itaituba where there were four passengers to pick up. 8nm in total. I would’ve preferred they take a cab, but they were pretty adamant.


Still foggy, but I was able to find the airport Continue reading


FSEconomy World Tour 63: SB2X/SWUQ-SWOW

It was pretty hot in the rainforest, so I was happy yo get on my way again almost immediately. I wasn’t the only one: two passengers came onboard for transport to Moura. Other than that is on the bank of the Rio Negro there’s again little I can find on it. Appears to be an ongoing theme here in South America.


The weather had taken a turn for the worse on departure: this was the view out of the cockput just after take-off Continue reading

FSEconomy World Tour 62: SVAT-SB2X/SWUQ

I picked up two passengers in San Fernando de Atabapo, who were on their way to Surucucu, which will be the first stop in Brazil. Surucucu is apparently named after a venomous snake. Other than that, there’s very little I can find on it. The Google map images are very blurry, so I guess I will just have to fly over and see what’s up. At least there’s fuel avaible.


Ready for departure from San Fernando de Atabapo Continue reading

FSEconomy World Tour 61: SKPC-SVAT

I picked up five passengers at Puerto Carreño who were on their way to San Fernando de Atabapo, which apparently has a somewhat notorious history. Weather at Puerto Carreño is still cloudy with 30C, San Fernando de Atabapo appears to be a bit cooler: clear skies, 24C. Almost no wind in both places.


Take-off from Puerto Carreño Continue reading

FSEconomy World Tour 60: SVAS-SKPC

Hop number 60 is an empty one. There was no suitable cargo going in the right direction in Los Pijiguaos, so I decided to take a short flight to Germán Olano Airport in Puerto Carreño which was only founded in 1913. There are currently around 10,000 people living there. The thunderstorms have indeed left the are of Los Pijiguaos, and I will be leaving the rain when flying to Puerto Carreño to boot.


Just after departure from Los Pijiguaos Continue reading

FSEconomy World Tour 59: SVCZ-SVAS

There were 5 people wanting to leave the spooky airbase and fly down to Armando Schwarck Airport in Los Pijiguaos, Venezuela. Again, no information on this destination I can find. On Google maps it appears the town is almost right on top of the runway but that’s about it. It appears there are some thunderstorms in the area of Los Pijiguaos but they’re expected to die down and give way to showers. Because it appears there is no fuel available at the next two stops I took on quite a bit here.


Ready for departure from Capitan Manuel Rios Guarico Airbase Continue reading