FSEconomy World Tour 31: CYHZ-CYQI

After having lunch in Halifax’s terminal, I picked up five passengers traveling to Yarmouth. This only a short hop to the south of Nova Scotia. I called ahead, and learned that from there I will be able to transport some cargo all the way down to New Jersey. The airport of Yarmouth has bneen operational for a long time already, and has two asphalt runways. The weather hasn’t changed much since my flight this morning. Still cloudy, and winds coming from the south-west at both locations.


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FSEconomy World Tour 30: CYYG-CYHZ

Next stop after Charlottetown is going to be Halifax Intl. Five “Maritimes Aviation” Passenger need to go there. Since Halifax was one of the contingency landings sites for the space shuttle (had it ever been launched into a high inclination orbit from Kennedy) landing my trusty Learjet here shouldn’t be a problem. Weather at departure is cloudy with winds gusting to 19knots from the stouh-west. Weather at Halifax is similar: cloudy, with winds gusting to 21knots from the south-west.


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FSEconomy World Tour 22: CYVM-CYXP

It’s time to head further south, and as I mentioned yesterday there’s some cargo headed for Pangnirtung here at Qikiqtarjuaq, which on this short 93nm hop should be able to fetch me a nice profit too. Conditions at the departure and arrival airports are about the same: temperature just below freezing, almost no wind, and snow.


Taking off from Qikiqtarjuaq in the snow

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This Week’s WTF Moment

I am sure Dante glossed over it: supermarkets just before holidays (and I’m using the term loosely here)┬árepresent one of the circles of Hell. This afternoon A and I went to Albert Heijn Leidschenveen supermarket to stock up for Easter. The experience presented a string of surprises that ranged from mild to astonishing. Continue reading