CPC Half Marathon 2015

This was one of those: “WTF happened here” races. I spent one of the saddest birthdays of my life yesterday, having to go to the vet to have our feline companion put to sleep.He had been with A and me for about as long as we’ve been living together, and therefore around for all of B’s life, so it was a pretty sad affair. Despite having the race today, I toasted to his life and the good memories with A a couple of times, and went to bed with too much wine inside of me, and too little hours ’til morning left on the clock.

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Eindhoven Airport Run

Today was the first “Eindhoven Airport Run“: a 12.5k (advertised) run along the perimeter of Eindhoven Airport/AFB. The director of the airport was part of our NYC marathon group, and he invited the complete group to take part. There were about 1500 people taking part, half of them on the 12.5km (advertised) half of them on a 5k shorter loop near the terminal. Continue reading

NYC Marathon Race Report

What an experience! NYC Marathon is indeed a great adventure.

We arrived in the city on Thursday. On Friday we went to the Expo to pick up our bibs. That’s a party in itself already for any race I think. In the afternoon I went for a short jog in Central Park to check out the finish line. Lots of activity there already in preparation for the opening ceremony that took place in the evening.

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