No 8700K but Water Cooling Continues

A lot of reviews and stats came about after I wrote my post about possibly going for a new computer build based around the Intel 8700K back in October. Careful examination of those actually revealed that even though it would present an improvement over my Core i7 4790K, I could not justify the cost. So I decided to ditch that part of my plan for now. I am still set though on doing a custom water cooling loop. Not only for performance, but mostly because it presents a nice challenging project to sink my teeth in. The postponement of the hardware upgrade itself comes with the benefit of spreading some of the cost. I spent over a month deciding on the how and the what, and could’ve still been doing that. On Black Friday however, EK Water Blocks had some pretty good deals, so I decided to bite the bullit, and prepare for a Christmas Holday Build!

Selecting the case turned out to be one of the most challenging parts of the process. After carefully weighing the options, and reading tons of reviews (I’d forgotten how in-depth some people go in reviewing cases), I finally decided on the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe with tempered glass side panel. For the Dutchies here, a fabulous review on the predecessor of this case (without the glass side panel) was done by Tweaker’s Foritain. The build quality appears to be solid, with lots of room for “stuff”.

As I stated before I want to cool both the GPU and the CPU, and I’d previously decided to get my stuff from EK Water Blocks. Then I ran into Bitwit’s recent video on his Elite Build, in which he showed new waterblocks by, guess what, Phanteks! The Glacier C350i CPU Block and Glacier G1080 Ti ASUS STRIX GPU Block both have RGB lighting that is compatible with the Phanteks case, and they look pretty sleek in general. Added upside of the Phanteks GPU Block over the EKWB Block for the 1080Ti Strix is you don’t need a separate backplate, but can just use the existing one you get from ASUS.

The case allows for the installation of a 360mm radiator up top, and a 240mm in front.

I decided to go with PETG hard tubing. However, it seems EKWB messed up and shipped acrylic instead. I will have a go at getting that installed. It should be more durable anyway.

For coolant I will be using Primochill Vue Silver. I’ve been mesmerised with this stuff ever since I first saw it being used by JazTwoCents, but I was a bit apprehensive about how it might hold up. I wasn’t the only one, and I was happy to see this recent video showing that it is actually doing pretty well. I’d initially planned on using the red variant, but after reading the warning that this will change colour over time that may have to wait for a later time.

Those are the most important things to mention I think (apart from a load of other stuff that makes up the total system). Today, the first box of goodies arrived from EKWB. Still waiting for the stuff I’ll be getting through Highflow, but there’s still plenty of time before Christmas 🙂




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