FSEconomy World Tour 68: SNKE-SWXV

After arriving at Santana Do Araguaia I was able to pick up some cargo bound for Nova Xavantina, about 350nm south. According to the Portugese wikipedia there were villages there when the Spanish arrived, which were abandoned after “all gold had been poached”. After that the area was only reinhabited in the 1940s. Sounds strange indeed.

Weather at departure is expected to be clear, 35C(!), and almost no wind. Weather at Nova Xavantina is rainy, 31C, with thunderstorms moving in later (hopefully after I’ve left again), and almost no wind.


Departure from Santana Do Araguaia


Calm conditions during cruise


Approaching Nova Xavantina in the rain


Safely down on the gravel runway

Made about $3200 on this flight



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