FSEconomy World Tour 62: SVAT-SB2X/SWUQ

I picked up two passengers in San Fernando de Atabapo, who were on their way to Surucucu, which will be the first stop in Brazil. Surucucu is apparently named after a venomous snake. Other than that, there’s very little I can find on it. The Google map images are very blurry, so I guess I will just have to fly over and see what’s up. At least there’s fuel avaible.


Ready for departure from San Fernando de Atabapo


Dramatic landscapes around here. Quite a sight


Initial descent over the rainforest. Diving in and out of the clouds


There it is (glad they mow the lawn so it sticks out). Note the convenient mountain in front of the runway


Dodged the mountain and on final

Made about $1200 after fuel on this flight.

2015-12-13 (4).png



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