FSEconomy World Tour 61: SKPC-SVAT

I picked up five passengers at Puerto Carreño who were on their way to San Fernando de Atabapo, which apparently has a somewhat notorious history. Weather at Puerto Carreño is still cloudy with 30C, San Fernando de Atabapo appears to be a bit cooler: clear skies, 24C. Almost no wind in both places.


Take-off from Puerto Carreño


 On apprach to San Fernando de Atabapo I got the impression the weather report I’d received before departure was a bit off


The airport is definitely in an interesting location

No idea what Active Sky Next was about. It kept maintaining the weather at SVAT was fine, even when I was down on the ground with thunderstorms all around. ASN at that time did admit conditions at the location of the aircraft were pretty bad, but kept up its fairy tale about SVAT. Made about $2400 on the flight.

2015-12-13 (3).png



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