FSEconomy World Tour 59: SVCZ-SVAS

There were 5 people wanting to leave the spooky airbase and fly down to Armando Schwarck Airport in Los Pijiguaos, Venezuela. Again, no information on this destination I can find. On Google maps it appears the town is almost right on top of the runway but that’s about it. It appears there are some thunderstorms in the area of Los Pijiguaos but they’re expected to die down and give way to showers. Because it appears there is no fuel available at the next two stops I took on quite a bit here.


Ready for departure from Capitan Manuel Rios Guarico Airbase


As I said: the middle of nowhere


Approaching Armando Schwarck Airport which is just beyond the ridge


On final

Made about $900 after deducting fuel costs.

2015-12-13 (1)




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