FSEconomy World Tour 58: TNCB-SVCZ

After spending the night on Bonaire, my 5 passengers were anxious to get going towards Capitan Manuel Rios Guarico Airbase in Venezuela. I wish I could say something about it other than that it’s located next to a small village called El Sombrero, but online details are very scarce. The weather at Bonaire still hasn’t changed: partly cloudy, 30C and 23 knot winds from the east. Weather at the airbase is also partly cloudy, 28C and 7 knot winds from east-south-east.


Departure from Bonaire


I had no ideas the mountains on the northern coast of Venezuela were this high


The airbase appears to be in the middle of nowhere


Safely down on the ground. The beacon in the background appears to be the only thing here

I made about $1300 on this flight.




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