FSEconomy World Tour 57: TNCA-TNCB

On Aruba I picked up 117kg of frozen foods bound for Bonaire, the final stop on this visit to overseas parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I also picked up 5 passengers bound for Base Aeroespacial Capitán Manuel Ríos in Venezuela. It’s not surprising that the weather held completely steady: partly cloudy, 30C, easterly 25 knot winds gusting to 35.


Taking on some extra fuel on Aruba


It appears lots of holidaymakers are arriving


Approaching Flamingo Airport on Aruba


Right on the money!


Parked up with a bus standing by to pick up passengers. Then again, no one was deboarding here

The earnings on the frozen food were $400, but considering I paid about $1000  for fuel on Aruba, that’s not quite enough.

2015-12-12 (1)


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