FSEconomy World Tour 56: TNCC-TNCA

It’s been quiet here for a while and I am guessing you all think I’ve been chilling out here in Curaçao. Nothing could be further from the truth. Apart from being pretty busy IRL, I was pretty busy in FSE as well. I set up a small network of FBOs in eastern France (comprised of LFEH, LFGP, LFJA and LFPQ) and have been flying around in the Alps as well. But with those bases up and running (and awaiting visitors!) it’s time to return to this around the world adventure. At Curaçao I was able to pick up four passengers bound for Oranjestad/Reina Beatrix Intl, on Aruba. Flying the Learjet bat out of hell may take some getting used to again after flying a lot of slow birds in France.

Considering both airports are very close it’s not surprising conditions in both locations are the same: partly cloudy, 30C, easterly 25 knot winds gusting to 35.


Take off from Curaçao


Looking back towards the airport


Approaching Queen Beatrix Intl


Following the follow-me car to the General Aviation terminal (got GSX for a steal on cyber Monday)


Engines off, ready for deboarding

Made $2700 on this very short hop. Tanks are almost dry though.




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