FSEconomy World Tour 52: SABA-TNCE

After picking up newspapers from Saba (seriously: newspapers from Saba?), the next scheduled stop at my tour of the BES islands and other overseas territories is at F. D. Roosevelt Airport on St. Eustatius. At 1300m this runway is over three times as long as Saba’s. The island’s history is fascinating, and I hope I will get to visit it one day IRL.


Engines started, ready to go at Saba


Tricky turn to get lined up at the start of the runway. One slip, and it’s a long way down


I see why they use Twin Otters here: these things turn on a dime


Bye Saba!


Awesome weather, so VFR to St. Eustatius


Freeware photoscenery…breathtaking


On final


Parked at the terminal

The TNCE scenery is freeware by Harald Sandvik.

This flight cost me $180.

2015-11-15 (5)


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