FSEconomy World Tour 51: TNCM-SABA

I was tempted to go to the beach at Saint Martin, but duty called. I had a Twin Otter flown in, to go to the two islands close to Saint Martin that are special municipalities of The Netherlands: Saba and St. Eustatius, which are both serviced almost exclusively by Twin Otters. At 1300ft/396m the runway at Saba’s Juancho E. Yrausquin airport is extremely short, and I was looking forward to the challenge of landing there. A special waiver is needed to land at Saba IRL. What keeps amazing me about this tiny island, is that it has less than 2000 inhabitants, but is home to the Saba University School of Medicine, which has about 500 students!


Departure from Princess Juliana International


Approaching Saba, the airport is on the outcropping to the left


Basically you almost fly into the rocks…almost…


Before turning towards the runway. I found out there’s some nasty drafting here


Almost there…and boy those rocks are close


Made it!

I’ve decided to pick up all kinds of stuff that’s going in the direction I am planning to go from Saint Martin after this short detour. I will see what makes it on the eventual flights in due course. This empty flight cost me $225.

2015-11-15 (3)


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