FSEconomy World Tour 50: PR18-TNCM

It’s fitting: the flight out of Camp Garcia Vieques is the 50th hop on this tour, and it marks a return to our Kingdom. I live in (and started out of) the Netherlands, and even though I am nowhere near the Netherlands proper at the moment, I am near some of our overseas territories and other countries that are part of the Kingdom. If you don’t understand, please watch this:

I was able to pick up passengers and some frozen foods that needed to go to Sint Maarten (or Saint Martin). The approach into Princess Juliana International Airport is an interesting one, where planes basically skim right over the heads of people on Maho beach.

Corsairfly Airbus A330-200 on final approach at St Maarten Airport (source: Wikipedia)

I think the approach in my Learjet will be a bit less dramatic.


Leaving Camp Garcia Vieques


Saint Martin in the distance. There were some nasty thunderstorms I had to circumvent on the way over, but at least the weather was calm on approach


I came in low on purpose 😛


Parked somewhere on the platform

Made about $3000 on the flight, which is good, since I will need to rent a Twin Otter to hit Saba and St. Eustatius. Since there’s nothing going there from St Martin in FSE (which is contrary to real life) those flights will be empty.

2015-11-15 (3)


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