FSEconomy World Tour 49: MDCZ-PR18

After some hiking in the hills surrounding Constanza I returned to the airport to find 5 passengers on their way to Camp Garcia Vieques in Puerto Rico. This apparently used to be a US Navy Base. Vieques itself is a small island just off the Puerto Rican mainland. Since the island is normally reached through Antonio Rivera Rodriguez airport on the other side of the island I can only hope the airstrip is in decent condition.


Take-off from Constanza


Pretty rough terrain in the Dominican Republic


Closing in on Vieques island. Antonio Rivera Rodriguez airport can be seen on the left (north) side of the island.


Closing in on Camp Garcia Vieques 


Parked on the platform

I think there was a mistake in the exclusion zone for autogen in the freeware PR18 scenery (created by Francisco Acosta) I downloaded, but I actually liked the effect. It’s an abandoned navy base, and it has trees growing on the apron: awesome!

2015-11-15 (2)


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