FSEconomy World Tour 48: MUGM-MDCZ

I slept in the barracks at Guantanomo, and got up early for a flight with 530kg of supplies to Constanza in the Dominican Republic. It looks like the airport has regular operations, and I am looking forward to dropping in. The weather at Guantanomo is partly cloudy, with 4 knot winds coming from the north west and 26C. Weather at Constanza is fair, no wind and 27C.


Early morning departure from Guantanomo314160_2015-11-15_00007

Turning towards the Dominican Republic


Beautiful skies just after take-off


Approaching the airport of Constanza


Parked up

For some reason my earnings went to one of my VA’s, so I have to sort that out with the owner. For now I am about $2000 in the red on fuel.

The MDCZ scenery is freweeware created by Fernando Angel Gonzalez.

2015-11-15 (1)


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