FSEconomy World Tour 47: MUSN-MUGM

I was able to secure some cargo at Siguanea bound for Guantanomo Bay. I must admit it feels a bit strange going there, even in game. I decided to take a small detour: the shortest route to Guantanomo is all over water. I took a route along the length of the island instead. Weather at Siguanea is clear, with 8 knot winds from the east, and 30C. Guantanomo is partly cloudy, 19 knot winds from the south east and 34C.


Ready for departure at Siguanea


La Demajaqua and Atanagildo


Passing Santa Clara


Halfway through the flight I ran into some heavy thunderstorms, which I was able to bypass safely


Following another plane into the runway at Guantanomo


Parked up next to a Coast Guard helicopter

Made about $6800 on the flight.



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