FSEconomy World Tour 42: KAYS-KDED

Just before I arrived at Waycross-Ware there apparently was a large accident on the motorway, and there were three trauma patients in need of transportation to DeLand Municipal Airport located near DeLand in Florida. I am sure I’ve seen this city in some movies and mini-series considering several were filmed around here. I was told ambulances would be waiting at the airport to pick up the wounded when I arrived. The temperatures in Waycross had risen to 30C on departure, but still cloudy and no wind. The weather at DeLand is almost identical.


Turning onto the runway at Waycross-Ware


I’m honestly not sad about leaving this part of the US. The landscape is…boring


Back at the Atlantic Coast. That’s Jacksonville down there


Flying down St. Johns River on approach to DeLand


By the time I arrived at DeLand thunderstorms had moved into the area (it’s Florida right?). Here I’ve just opened the doors waiting for the ambulances to drive up to the aircraft.

The DeLand scenery is part of the freeware Daytona Beach scenery created by Art Poole. Made about $1000 after fuel costs.

Screenshot 2015-11-07 21.09.21


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