FSEconomy World Tour 41: KDHN-KAYS

It’s still before noon after delivering my passengers to Dothan, and I am happy to find 5 Stratocaster Aviation passengers wanting to fly to Waycross–Ware County Airport near Waycross in Georgia. Apparently there was an upheaval there this summer (from Wikipedia):

Part of Waycross was in Pierce County, but effective July 1, 2015, Waycross is no longer located nor allowed to be located in Pierce County. Rep. Chad Nimmer introduced HB 523 during the 2015 Legislative Session without providing the required statutory notice to the City of Waycross. HB 523 de-annexed the portion of Waycross located in Pierce County and prevents the City of Waycross from coming back into Pierce County. Rep. Nimmer had also received numerous campaign contributions from Jimmy Stewart, CEO of The Stewart Companies. The Stewart Companies own and operate a commercial business in the area of Pierce County which was previously in the City of Waycross and would benefit greatly from deannexation.

If one didn’t know any better one would think this was about mortal enemies in some classic story. The weather in both places looks pretty calm.


Take-off from Dothan


On initial descent into Waycross-Ware County Airport


On final


And parked in the GA area

Income was about $4000 on this flight.

Screenshot 2015-11-07 19.23.55


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