FSEconomy World Tour 40: 7A2/KDYA-KDHN

There were five passengers waiting to get out of the rain at Demopolis and fly to Dothan Regional Airport near, you guessed it, Dothan. Dothan apparently is the self-acclaimed “Peanut Capital of the World” which makes it sound being there must be a never ending party. Weathe at Demopolis is still rainy, with light winds from the north east and 19C. Weather at Dothan is cloudy, no wind and 22C.


Still wet on departure


Saying goodbye to Demopolis


Approaching Dothan Regional Airport


Safely on the ground


Yes: there’s life here!

After paying for fuel I made about $2700 on this flight. Five passengers waiting for the next hop!

Screenshot 2015-11-07 17.13.25


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