FSEconomy World Tour 39: 2A6-7A2/KDYA

After picking up my new aircraft in Holly Grove, it was time to get back to my intended route around the world. I was able to find three passengers on their way to Demopolis Municipal Airport in Alabama. Demopolis turns out to have some brilliant history so I will be glad to be paying a visit there. I was set for an early morning departure. Weather at both locations was cloudy, but there was very little wind.


Weather looked as advertised on departure


There even were some blue patches in the sky


I saw more and more clouds enroute though


On approach I was diving in and out of clouds and it was raining pretty hard


The tarmac was pretty wet!


It turned out the only parking space at this airport was at the fuel box


It was only after shutting down the aircraft’s systems that I noticed this detail: somebody left some snacks next to my seat! The co-pilot had to make do with maps and an iPad.

Made $1700 on this flight, and 5 passengers lined up for the next leg.

Screenshot 2015-11-07 15.27.28


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