FSEconomy World Tour 38: KEHO-2A6

I flew all the way to Shelby–Cleveland County Regional Airport about a week ago to pick up a wing-tipped Learjet 24B and basically trade in the one I picked up in the UK. In the meantime I decided I really really want to own my own plane in the FSEconomy world. So that meant: work. I flew a lot of jobs on the side, and was finally able to buy my very own Learjet! It’s currently located at Holly Grove Mun, a small airport near Holly Grove in Arkansas. I’ve decided to just fly there, and not try to pick up cargo or passengers along the way, since I would probably lose so much on extra fuel and handling fees I wouldn’t be able to turn a profit anyway. On the map I see I will be flying very near Huntsille Alabama, a place I went to multiple times a year in the past because of my job. Would’ve been good to touch down there, but as I said: no suitable jobs.


The Learjet I rented had a vintage paint job that isn’t exactly my taste


I didn’t record the exact weather conditions. Suffice it to say that it was clear on departure and got progressively worse


I decided to pay Huntsville a visit. I’ve driven on that highway down below there on the way to friends so many times


Overflying Huntsville International airport. I think the international part has to do with cargo only. It was always fun to sit at the gate and see NASA T-38 operating from the same airport I was using


Crossing the Tennessee river


Nearing the very narrow airstrip at Holly Grove


After I parked the rented plane…


…it was just a short walk to my own plane! And no: while I am on this tour you guys cannot rent it! 

This flight cost me a little over $3000, but I think it was totally worth it. The only people here are three passengers that actually want to go in the direction I’m going (south east into the Caribbean, so that’s a bit of good news for my wallet.

Screenshot 2015-11-05 22.00.26


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