FSEconomy World Tour 55: TLPL-TNCC

After a quick cup of coffee I set off in the direction of Willemstad/Hato Intl on CuraƧao, which is another stop on my impromptu sidetour of overseas territories. Weather on departure was great, but I had to circumvent some nasty thunderstorms along the way.


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FSEconomy World Tour 54: TNCM-TLPL

After a night partying at St. Maarten I was asked by 5 corporate charter passengers to take them to Hewanorra Intl near Vieux Fort Quarter, on Saint Lucia. Looks like there’s still thunderstorms in the area of Sint Maarten which may delay take-off a bit. Saint Lucia has 17 knot winds from the east, partly cloudy skies and 30C.


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FSEconomy World Tour 52: SABA-TNCE

After picking up newspapers from Saba (seriously: newspapers from Saba?), the next scheduled stop at my tour of the BES islands and other overseas territories is at F. D. Roosevelt Airport on St. Eustatius. At 1300m this runway is over three times as long as Saba’s. The island’s history is fascinating, and I hope I will get to visit it one day IRL.


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FSEconomy World Tour 51: TNCM-SABA

I was tempted to go to the beach at Saint Martin, but duty called. I had a Twin Otter flown in, to go to the two islands close to Saint Martin that are special municipalities of The Netherlands: Saba and St. Eustatius, which are both serviced almost exclusively by Twin Otters. At 1300ft/396m the runway at Saba’s Juancho E. Yrausquin airport is extremely short, and I was looking forward to the challenge of landing there. A special waiver is needed to land at Saba IRL. What keeps amazing me about this tiny island, is that it has less than 2000 inhabitants, but is home to the Saba University School of Medicine, which has about 500 students!


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FSEconomy World Tour 50: PR18-TNCM

It’s fitting: the flight out of Camp Garcia Vieques is the 50th hop on this tour, and it marks a return to our Kingdom. I live in (and started out of) the Netherlands, and even though I am nowhere near the Netherlands proper at the moment, I am near some of our overseas territories and other countries that are part of the Kingdom. If you don’t understand, please watch this:

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FSEconomy World Tour 49: MDCZ-PR18

After some hiking in the hills surrounding Constanza I returned to the airport to find 5 passengers on their way to Camp Garcia Vieques in Puerto Rico. This apparently used to be a US Navy Base. Vieques itself is a small island just off the Puerto Rican mainland. Since the island is normally reached through Antonio Rivera Rodriguez airport on the other side of the island I can only hope the airstrip is in decent condition.


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