FSEconomy World Tour 37: KSSC-KEHO

After a week off, I’m happy to return to the world tour. I left off at Shaw AFB. In the meantime I bought a Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B model for my virtual hangar. For me it’s a step of from the Xtreme Prototypes model I’ve been using until now. Problem is however, that FSEconomy recognises the Xtreme Prototypes model as a Learjet 24B without tip tanks (even though the model obviously has them) and the Lionheart one as one with tip tanks. As I really want to use the new model, I looked around for a tip tanked Learjet 24B near Shaw AFB and found one at Shelby–Cleveland County Regional Airport with zero hours on it. Since it’s only 95nm from Shaw I decided to just fly over there and not bother with stops in between to pick up cargo. Weather at Shaw is nice: almost no wind, partly cloudy and 25 C. Weather at Shelby is about the same: 3knot winds from the south west, clear skies and 23C.


Taking off in this particular Lear for the last time


Final time on final


And parked at the gate

This ferry flight cost me $610, which is less than I expected.

Screenshot 2015-10-25 21.30.30

A couple of words of why I want to change the model. Or rather: some pictures. Compare the passenger cabin (Xtreme Prototypes above, Lionheart creations below):



And the dash (Xtreme Prototypes above, Lionheart creations below):




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