FSEconomy World Tour 36: KFAY-KSSC

Same as with Richmond, Fayetteville appears to be mostly a hub operation with lots of destinations from it only offering return flights into Fayetteville. So after having some lunch I took on four passenger bound for Shaw AFB which is located near Sumter in South Carolina. Apparently Sumter is known as the Gamecock city, which immediately conjured up all the wrong images for me. Weather at Fayetteville is still clear, with 6knots wind from the north and 26C. Weather at Shaw is also clear with winds from the west at 10knots and a temperature of 28C. Considering I was dabbling around in the snow in northern Canda about a week ago this is quite a change of scenery.


Holding short of the runway at Fayetteville


Climbing out


Turning towards Shaw over Fayetteville


I must say that it’s not exactly dramatic landscapes around here

Screenshot 2015-10-16 22.23.41

Can anyone tell me what the hell ATC were thinking when they were vectoring me around like this?


After burning a lot of extra fuel flying around I finally have the runway in sight


Yup, definitely a military base


Turns out the guys I was flying were reserve F16 pilots on their way for a week of training. Got told to pull up right beside this F16, while another one was taxiing by as I did so

The Shaw AFB scenery is freeware by Jim Cook.

Despite the extra flying around, I still made a healthy $1650 on this flight. I will stay here and train with these guys for the week (stuff to do IRL you know) so I will probably continue the tour a week from Sunday.

Screenshot 2015-10-16 22.41.07


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