FSEconomy World Tour 35: KRIC-KFAY

I said yesterday that there were lots of people wanting to fly out of Richmond, but on closer inspection these were mostly flying into places where persons and cargo were only headed back to Richmond. Which doesn’t really help the getting around the world bit. So in the end I settled on ferrying two passengers to Fayetteville Regional Airport in North Carolina. It looks like a small airport from what I can read on it. Weather at Richmond is cloudy, no wind, and 13C. Weather at Fayetteville is clear, 7knot winds coming from the west, and 24C.


Lined up and ready to go at Richmond


And we’re off


Looking back shortly after take-off


There wasn’t too much to see at first


But closer to Fayetteville the clouds broke


Flew straight over Pope Field on apprach to Fayetteville


On final approach


And parked at the gate

The Fayetteville airport was improved from stock FSX scenery by Smith Graphics.

Lost about $300 on this flight since I was only able to take 2 passengers here.

Screenshot 2015-10-16 20.20.04


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