FSEconomy World Tour 34: KWAL-KRIC

At Wallops I was able to pick up 4 passengers headed towards Richmond Intl. Reading the wiki article on the airport I think the Intl part pertains to a seasonal charter flight to Cancún. Even though I have been in Virginia IRL multiple times, I have never visited Richmond (I may have driven past it). It’s a place filled with history though, considering the “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech was delivered here. Conditions at Wallops are clear with a bit of wind from the west and 19C. Conditions at Richmond are almost the same, with only a couple of clouds, and 21C.


On departure it turned out Wallops wasn’t completely dead after all. If you look closely you see a Cessna taxiing to the runway


Looking back, it looks completely dead again


Since I am now in a populated area there’s a lot of chatter on the radio, and some contrails in the sky


Approaching Richmond Intl


To the right is what I assume to be the Richmond skyline


On final. For some reason the tower cleared a plane on the crossing runway to take off just before I landed. Interesting sight.


Parked at the gate


The view from the tower shows I’ve returned to the land of living airports

The Richmond scenery is freeware by Ray Smith.

Made over $2000 on this flight, so the $900 loss from yesterday is forgotten. Lots of people flying from here, so I have plenty of possible destinations to choose from. For now I think I’ll head into the city to take in some sights.

Screenshot 2015-10-15 22.17.02


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