FSEconomy World Tour 33: KMJX-KWAL

There weren’t that many things available for flight from Miller that were going in the direction I was looking for (south-west-ish). In the end I settled on a 131nm hop to Wallops Flight Facility which for me as an aerospace engineer is a familiar place even though I’ve never been there. I must admit my eye was drawn to the airport code since it translates to jellyfish in Dutch. I filed a flight plan that would take me by way of Atlantic City since I was there just a couple of weeks ago IRL. Weather at Miller is cloudy, with steady wind from the west at 12knots and 19C. Weather at Wallops is clear, with just a bit of wind from the west-south-west and 21C.


Departure from Miller. Still amazed about the number of GA aircraft here


About to pass Atlantic City International airport where I just spent a couple of days in meetings


Turned east towards the city, flying along that stupid toll road for which I am always saving every quarter when I am in the city


I was surprised to see that airport down there, since I have been in the city a couple of times now, but never noticed any aircraft taking off or landing. Never knew it was there. Turns out it is Bader Field, which was closed in 2006


Looking to the right I saw a huge cooling tower, which apparently belongs to the B.L. England Generating Station


Flying further south along the coast


Approaching Wallops


On final


And parked at this eerily silent airport

I wasn’t able to locate custom scenery for Wallops so I had to make do with the basic FSX scenery, which probably explains the eerie silence. Lost about $1000 on this flight.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 22.36.47


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