FSEconomy World Tour 32: CYQI-KMJX

There were still a couple of hours left in the day when I arrived at Yarmouth, so I picked up 866kg of cargo headed for Robert J. Miller Air Park in Ocean County, New Jersey. So yes, I will be leaving Canada for now. The airport is close to Toms River, which means I almost drove through a couple of weeks ago on my way from New York City down to Atlantic City. Conditions at Miller are better than they are at Yarmouth: wind at 8knots from the south, and a balmy 21C! I filed a flightplan that included a detour along NYC as it remains one of my favourite cities in the world, and I never miss a chance to say hi.


Departure from Yarmouth was in very cloudy conditions


Weather was very clear along the way, and I recognised Provincetown, Massachusets down below, which I visited IRL over 10 years ago on a work related trip


Boston in the background, another old time favourite of mine (me there on business 13 years ago, don’t be scared of the hair)


There’s an insane number of airports around here. That one down there is Sikorsky Memorial Airport


Flying along the west side of Manhattan


Towards the south end


And turning towards Newark


A quick look at the Verrazano Bridge, of which I have fond memories


Approaching Miller Air Park


Autopilot was a bit high on the glideslope


But we put it down nicely on the centreline


And parked for the night

The NYC scenery is Manhattan X by Aerosoft ofcourse. The Robert J Miller Air Park is part of a freeware pack of five NJ airports created by Ed Wells.

Made about $2000 on this flight, even with the slight detour. No idea yet where I’ll go next, since it’s a bit busy IRL and I will only get to go on tomorrow at the earliest.

Screenshot 2015-10-13 21.22.39





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