FSEconomy World Tour 30: CYYG-CYHZ

Next stop after Charlottetown is going to be Halifax Intl. Five “Maritimes Aviation” Passenger need to go there. Since Halifax was one of the contingency landings sites for the space shuttle (had it ever been launched into a high inclination orbit from Kennedy) landing my trusty Learjet here shouldn’t be a problem. Weather at departure is cloudy with winds gusting to 19knots from the stouh-west. Weather at Halifax is similar: cloudy, with winds gusting to 21knots from the south-west.


Ready to leave Charlottetown


I enjoyed the short time I was here


Not too much to see on the way to Halifax


Below the clouds again, I decided that this must be one of the flattest pieces of Canada there is


When I was on final, I saw (and heard) something which I hadn’t seen in a while on all those small airports: an Air Canada flight being told to hold short and wait for the Learjet on final


Clear of the runway with the Air Canada flight taking off behind me


Plenty of aircraft around here


Parked at the gate (I wonder why I was assigned a gate with a jetbridge though when the guys next to me are clearly more in need of one)

The Halifax scenery is freeware by ORBX.

Made almost $1900 on this flight, which means I have almost $60,000 by now. Lots of stuff to transport from here (one of the reasons I took this flight). First something to eat though.

Screenshot 2015-10-11 18.39.41


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