FSEconomy World Tour 28: CYZV-CYQY

After having a good lunch in Sept-Îles I started planning the next flight. I ran into five sport managers that were in a hurry to get to Sydney in Nova Scotia. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a place described as “a former city”, but apparently that’s what it is. The airport appears to be pretty decent. According to Wikipedia, “several travellers have been sent to this airport after their travel agents mistook it for the Sydney Airport in Australia”. Hilarious. Weather at Setp-Îles has gone cloudy, with 19knot winds from the north-west gusting to 29knots, and 4C. Weather at Sydney is almost the same, cloudy, with 19knot winds from the west-north-west gusting to 30knots, and 10C.


Weather at take-off was a bit overcast


Saying goodbye to Sept-Îles


Runway in sight!


Stiff cross-winds on approach to Sydney


Parked at the gate

The scenery is freeware by ORBX.

I waved goodbye to the five managers and pocketed $2500 after paying rent and fuel. Screenshot 2015-10-10 21.32.14


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