FSEconomy World Tour 27: CYKL-CYZV

After spending one night at Shefferville it was time to move further south, this time to Sept-Îles which at 25,000 inhabitants is by far the largest city I’ve been to in a while. The weather at both locations is fine, even though winds are gusting a bit at Sept-Îles. It looks like I will be heading out of the snow and ice again on this trip.


Plenty of snow on departure though, even if the weather looks beautiful


I think I see green down there


On final approach into Sept-Îles


Parked at the gate

The Sept-Iles scenery is freeware developed by Pierre Gallant and looks great.

Shipping 500kg of cargo here made me $950.I am thinking I will continue to head south along the eastern side of the US.

Screenshot 2015-10-10 16.11.31


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