FSEconomy World Tour 26: CYVP-CYKL

After recovering from the strange flight to Kuujjuaq, I was able to pick up five passengers that wanted to fly to Shefferville in Quebec. I am starting to approach places again I’ve actually been to IRL. Apparently this town also has its roots in mining, and is hanging in there with about 200 inhabitants. The airport is next to the village. Weather in Kuujjuaq is rainy, with winds gusting to 16 knots, the weather in Shefferville is cloudy, with winds gusting to 25 knots.


The tower could only just make me out on departure


I found the sun hiding above the clouds


It was dusk by the time I got in the vicinity of Shefferville


On final. The town is indeed almost on top of the runway


The ride down was pretty bumpy, but got it down in one piece


Parked at the gate, ready to disembark the passengers

The Shefferville scenery is freeware by ORBX

I made $2800 on this flight. Several things to fly south from here, so I have to do some thinking about where to go next.



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