FSEconomy World Tour 25: CTP9-CYVP

After spending a day in the middle of nowhere, I was ready to move on. Best way turned out to be a flight to Kuujjuaq since apparently a lot of stuff is moving between the mines and there. Must be the fact that it’s the largest village in Nunavik. I was able to pick up over 2000kg of medical supplies, which meant I could only take on a small amount of fuel. I was able to load about 1hr worth of fuel, which wasn’t enough to get me all the way to Kuujjuaq, so I planned a stop in Aupaluk to take on more fuel. This was a decision I was going to regret…


Everything looked fine upon departure from Kattiniq


Approaching Aupaluk to take on more fuel


Just another tiny airport in the north of Canada. Less than 2oo people living in the nearby town


Parked at the terminal building, I got out to request fuel

However, I found that in the FSEconomy World, NO FUEL IS SOLD IN AUPALUK! This was a first for me, but something I will definitely take into account from now on. Now things suddenly got very, very tricky. There was no way I was going to make it to Kuuajjuaq. The closest airport with fuel was Tasiujaq.


I flew to Tasiujaq VFR in the straightest possible line


And landed there with sweaty palms and 1% of fuel remaining. I don’t know how many safety regulations I broke by doing that


Parked and ready to take on fuel


There was no time to go on after that, so I stayed the night, leaving for the final stretch to Kuujjuak at dawn


The beautiful skies were very soothing after the ordeal from the day before


Approaching Kuujjuaq in the rain


Taxiing to the gate


Parked and ready for unloading

The final shots feature freeware Kuujjuaq scenery by Jean-Pierre Fillion and Pierre Gallant. It looked great!

After paying handling fees, rent and fuel for this three hop flight, I ended up with $10000 profit. Not bad!




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