FSEconomy World Tour 24: CYFB-CTP9

After some R&R in Iqaluit, I was able to secure some cargo headed south: over $6000 worth of medical supplies headed for Kattiniq/Donaldson Airport, which serves the Raglan Mines in Quebec. It sounds like a trip to the middle of nowhere, but it’s such good money, I can’t afford to pass it up. Trying to find out some more about where I am headed yields a Facebook page about the airport but it too leaves me stuck with the middle of nowhere image. Weather at both departure and arrival is cloudy, with light winds from the north at landing.


Taxiing out to the runway at Iqaluit


Waving goodbye to that big bird


Cruising along


Magnificent desolation down there


But at least there’s an airport where it’s supposed to be


Rolling towards the buildings at the end of the runway


Since it appears there’s no official parking places I decided to pull up next to the vehicles which I presume are there to pick up those medical supplies

I used freeware CPT9 scenery created by Jean-Pierre Fillion and Pierre Gallant. It’s not that impressive to be honest, but it livens up what would otherwise be a completely empty airstrip.

I made $4000 on this trip after paying aircraft rent and fuel, which is pretty nice.



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