FSEconomy World Tour 23: CYXP-CYFB

After flying to Pangnirtung I was able to locate some food that needed transporting to Iqaluit. is apparently the largest city in Nunavut, and its airport comes equipped with, wait for it, an asphalt runway! It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of those. Airbus even tested the A380 here for five days in 2006.


Snowing had stopped by the time I took off from Pangnirtung


Snow showers were in the area on approach to Iqaluit though


Look at that runway! It just goes on and on


Remember those A380 tests I mentioned before? Looks like they never left


Taxiing along the military part of the airport


There it is up close and personal!


And parked up at the terminal

iqaluit: yfb

Which again is a faitful representation of its real-life counterpart (picture by Donna Lee shared under creative commons license)

The freeware Iqaluit scenery was created by Jean-Pierre Fillion and Pierre Gallant.

I lost $370 on this flight.



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