FSEconomy World Tour 22: CYVM-CYXP

It’s time to head further south, and as I mentioned yesterday there’s some cargo headed for Pangnirtung here at Qikiqtarjuaq, which on this short 93nm hop should be able to fetch me a nice profit too. Conditions at the departure and arrival airports are about the same: temperature just below freezing, almost no wind, and snow.


Taking off from Qikiqtarjuaq in the snow


The weather over the mountains was pretty nice


It took some doing to get eyes on the runway as ATC insisted I approach at 4000ft, which was too high to see anything


More snow at Pangnirtung 


And parked near the terminal

Which looks like this in real life

The true to life Pangnirtung scenery was created by Sidney Schwartz for FS9, but through ADE I was able to get it too work under FSX as well.

I fetched $1800 on this flight. Will probably fly to Iqaluit from here.



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