FSEconomy World Tour 21: CYCY-CYVM

I caught a lot of fish in my week at Clyde River, but the time has finally come to move on. There isn’t that much available for shipping this far up north, so I was happy to pick up 84kg of cargo and one pax bound for Qikiqtarjuaq. The fact that an annual “Suicide Prevention Walk” is hosted here says something about the harshness of living in this place. The airport has a new terminal which is not yet part of the scenery I found online. I am sure I’ll get over that.

Weather at Clyde River looks great, with almost no wind, and 1C temperatures. 200nm to the south east in Qikiqtarjuaq there are 12knots winds from the south east, some clouds, and 1C temparatures.


Departure from snowy Clyde River


Initially the skies were pretty clear


But things got more hazy the closer I got to Qikiqtarjuaq. And bumpy too!


Beautiful approach just above the hills


Closing in on the runway with the town to the right




And parked a the terminal with the town in the background

The terminal looks pretty much like the real deal used to (source: http://www.nnsl.com/frames/newspapers/2011-05/may9_11ar.html)

I made $172 on the flight, which was more than I’d hoped for!

I am again impressed with the freeware I found online. The resemblance between the scenery and the actual thing is stunning. The scenery was developed by Roger Wensley for FS2004 but appears to work fine in FSX as well. The scenery was updated by the same person some time later.

Lots of stuff to fly from here to Pangnirtung, where I almost flew from Sisimiut when I was there.



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