FSEconomy World Tour 37: KSSC-KEHO

After a week off, I’m happy to return to the world tour. I left off at Shaw AFB. In the meantime I bought a Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B model for my virtual hangar. For me it’s a step of from the Xtreme Prototypes model I’ve been using until now. Problem is however, that FSEconomy recognises the Xtreme Prototypes model as a Learjet 24B without tip tanks (even though the model obviously has them) and the Lionheart one as one with tip tanks. As I really want to use the new model, I looked around for a tip tanked Learjet 24B near Shaw AFB and found one at Shelby–Cleveland County Regional Airport with zero hours on it. Since it’s only 95nm from Shaw I decided to just fly over there and not bother with stops in between to pick up cargo. Weather at Shaw is nice: almost no wind, partly cloudy and 25 C. Weather at Shelby is about the same: 3knot winds from the south west, clear skies and 23C.


Taking off in this particular Lear for the last time

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FSEconomy World Tour 36: KFAY-KSSC

Same as with Richmond, Fayetteville appears to be mostly a hub operation with lots of destinations from it only offering return flights into Fayetteville. So after having some lunch I took on four passenger bound for Shaw AFB which is located near Sumter in South Carolina. Apparently Sumter is known as the Gamecock city, which immediately conjured up all the wrong images for me. Weather at Fayetteville is still clear, with 6knots wind from the north and 26C. Weather at Shaw is also clear with winds from the west at 10knots and a temperature of 28C. Considering I was dabbling around in the snow in northern Canda about a week ago this is quite a change of scenery.


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FSEconomy World Tour 35: KRIC-KFAY

I said yesterday that there were lots of people wanting to fly out of Richmond, but on closer inspection these were mostly flying into places where persons and cargo were only headed back to Richmond. Which doesn’t really help the getting around the world bit. So in the end I settled on ferrying two passengers to Fayetteville Regional Airport in North Carolina. It looks like a small airport from what I can read on it. Weather at Richmond is cloudy, no wind, and 13C. Weather at Fayetteville is clear, 7knot winds coming from the west, and 24C.


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FSEconomy World Tour 34: KWAL-KRIC

At Wallops I was able to pick up 4 passengers headed towards Richmond Intl. Reading the wiki article on the airport I think the Intl part pertains to a seasonal charter flight to Cancún. Even though I have been in Virginia IRL multiple times, I have never visited Richmond (I may have driven past it). It’s a place filled with history though, considering the “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech was delivered here. Conditions at Wallops are clear with a bit of wind from the west and 19C. Conditions at Richmond are almost the same, with only a couple of clouds, and 21C.


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FSEconomy World Tour 33: KMJX-KWAL

There weren’t that many things available for flight from Miller that were going in the direction I was looking for (south-west-ish). In the end I settled on a 131nm hop to Wallops Flight Facility which for me as an aerospace engineer is a familiar place even though I’ve never been there. I must admit my eye was drawn to the airport code since it translates to jellyfish in Dutch. I filed a flight plan that would take me by way of Atlantic City since I was there just a couple of weeks ago IRL. Weather at Miller is cloudy, with steady wind from the west at 12knots and 19C. Weather at Wallops is clear, with just a bit of wind from the west-south-west and 21C.


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FSEconomy World Tour 32: CYQI-KMJX

There were still a couple of hours left in the day when I arrived at Yarmouth, so I picked up 866kg of cargo headed for Robert J. Miller Air Park in Ocean County, New Jersey. So yes, I will be leaving Canada for now. The airport is close to Toms River, which means I almost drove through a couple of weeks ago on my way from New York City down to Atlantic City. Conditions at Miller are better than they are at Yarmouth: wind at 8knots from the south, and a balmy 21C! I filed a flightplan that included a detour along NYC as it remains one of my favourite cities in the world, and I never miss a chance to say hi.


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FSEconomy World Tour 31: CYHZ-CYQI

After having lunch in Halifax’s terminal, I picked up five passengers traveling to Yarmouth. This only a short hop to the south of Nova Scotia. I called ahead, and learned that from there I will be able to transport some cargo all the way down to New Jersey. The airport of Yarmouth has bneen operational for a long time already, and has two asphalt runways. The weather hasn’t changed much since my flight this morning. Still cloudy, and winds coming from the south-west at both locations.


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