FSEconomy World Tour 20: BGUK-CYCY

After having a light snack at Upernavik, it was finally time to go to Canada. There were two paying passengers for Clyde River in Canada. According to the FS2004 scenery description I found for it:

“Clyde River is on the northeast coast of Baffin Island, 250 miles above the Arctic Circle and around 200 miles north of Pangnirtung. It is on the shore of Patricia Bay at the entrance to Cylde Inlet, a fjord which stretches over 60 miles inland. It was named by the explorer John Ross in 1818. The Inuit name is Kaniqtugaapik which translates as “Nice Little Inlet”, which about sums it up.”

Weather at Upernavik is cloudy, -2.1C with a 15 knots wind from the north. Weather at Clyde River is cloudy, -1C, with an 18 knots wind from the south.


By the time I was ready to leave Upernavik the sun was already setting


Leaving a Greenland runway for the last time on this trip


Don’t let this serene sight fool you: there were vicious winds trying to blow me off-course


Canada on the horizon


On final into Clyde River


Bumping down the uneven gravel runway


And safely parked at the gate

The Clyde River scenery was created by Mark Bradshaw for FS2004 but works fine with FSX as well.

I sustained a $500 loss on this flight, which is not strange considering I was only able to take two paying customers. I guess I will stay here for about a week to do some fishing (or whatever else Clyde River has to offer) while I go off for another US trip IRL.



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