FSEconomy World Tour 19: BGUQ-BGUK

After a quick cup of coffee at the terminal of Qaarsut, it was time for the next hop. I was able to load 1 pax and a bunch of cargo headed for Upernavik, which apperently translates to Springtime Place. Sounds good! It has a tiny airport with lots of helicopter flights to the nearby islands.

Weather at Qaarsut is cloudy at -3.1C with some wind from the south-east. Upernavik is partly cloudy at -2.1C with 15knot winds coming from the north.


Ready for departure from Qaarsut


Take off was a bit bumpy on the gravel


Lots of ice down below


Looking hard for the airport. I did’t see it at first


Once I found the lights I was fine though


Rolling out


And another one done. The Upernavik scenery is freeware by Mark Bradshaw

Made $1000 profit to set off the $83 loss on the previous flight.



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