FSEconomy World Tour 18: BGSS-BGUQ

I stayed in Sisimiut for just one night. I was contemplating making the trip over to Canada from there (there were a couple of passengers headed for Pangnirtung), but decided to push on north along the coast of Greenland. The vistas are great, and who knows when I’ll return here. I therefore picked up two guys (or gals) from the US Coast Guard who had to go to Qaarsut. At less than 200 inhabitants it’s another tiny hamlet. It does have an operating airport however, making it a perfect part on my trip. I am pushing the boundaries of what the Lear can do though flying into these places that have 3000ft gravel runways. Conditions in Sisimiut are cloudy, with a temperature of -0.3C with light winds from the north. Qaarsut is cloudy as well, at -1.9C and light winds from the south-east.


About to depart from Sisimiut


Turning away from the airport


Crossing snowy caps on the way north


I was critically low on fuel, so I didn’t like this fog that appeared to hang around Qaarsut at all


Luckily conditions were good enough to push through


Parked near the terminal


The Qaarsut scenery is freeware made by Christian “Didicito” Svensson. Labour of love



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