FSEconomy World Tour 17: BGGH-BGSS

I stayed in Gothab for about a week, but it’s time to move on. I was able to fill up on cargo and pax wanting to go to Sisimiut. Apparently this town with its 5500 residents is the second largest in Greenland. The airport is located a couple of kilometres from the town. It appears there is some discussion on whether the airport needs to stay open (even though it only opened in the 1990s):

There is a discussion to build a 170 km road to Kangerlussuaq. The plans say that the Sisimiut Airport might be closed after that. That would mean lower cost for the country and the travelers, since an airport is fairly expensive to maintain, but longer travel time, especially domestic. If keeping the airport, the road might be unprofitable. There are also suggestions to build a large airport near Nuuk and close the Kangerlussuaq airport since few people live there and mostly work with the airport. In that case the road would be unneeded. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisimiut_Airport)

Weather at both airports is just above 0C, cloudy, with a bit of wind coming from the north.


I found the Learjet back where I’d left it a week ago


Waving goodbye to Nuuk


Climbing out. Plane was heavy so I needed a lot of the runway


Cruising over to Sisiumut


Rolling out


Parked at the “terminal”

I played around with an FS2004 scenery for Sisiumut, but sadly didn’t get it to work correctly (floating runways etc). So I had to make do with the stock FSX scenery. Kind of a set-back after all the beautiful work I’ve seen so far on this trip.

Made over $5000 on this trip, more than making up for the losses on some of my previous flights.



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