FSEconomy World Tour 16: BGBW-BGGH

After some comtemplation I decided not to fly to Canada directly, but first fly up the western coast of Greenland, and see whether I can cross over to northern Canada from there. There were two private-charter passengers that wanted to fly from Narsasuaq to Nuuk (Gothab). Since I am overdue for seeing a town over 300 people again, I decided to take them on. Nuuk airport looks like it’s in a very rocky place again, so no danger of trees near the runway I guess. Weather at Narsarsuaq is partly cloudy with almost no wind, Nuuk is cloudy, also with litle wind.


Taxiing out to the runway as seen from the tower


Long shadows even though it’s only 15:00


This just looks incredibly good


Turning north-west towards Nuuk


Crossing the edge of one of the many glaciers around here


Approaching the western edge of the ice sheet


On final into Nuuk


Safely down as seen from Nuuk’s tower


About to let the two passengers disembark

The Nuuk scenery is freeware by Flight Sim Greenland

Flying around Greenland in a Lear 24B trying to get in a set direction isn’t a great way to make money. I lost another $640 on this hop. Since I still have about $27,000 left I am not worried. If I do run out I will take some local side-jobs before continuing the tour. Speaking of the tour: I will be hanging out here in Nuuk for about a week (because I have a trip to the US coming up IRL). Anyone know a good watering hole around here?



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