FSEconomy World Tour 15: BGKK-BGBW

I decided not to wait around for more passengers wanting to fly out of Kulusuk, so I did some shopping at the international terminal (yes, the airport actually has that) and started planning the flight to Narsarsuaq. The population is 145 and according to wikipedia this is strictly tied to the traffic dynamics at the local airport. The airport is the remnant of an army airbase built by the US in 1941, and today it serves mostly as a transfer point for helicopter flights. It looks like the airport isn’t doing very well, but at least it too has a duty free shop. Showers are predicted at departure from Kulusuk, but with 5C, 2 knots winds and broken clouds at 8500ft weather looks pretty friendly at Narsarsuaq.


By the time I was done shopping the rain had turned to snow, and the wind had picked up


So definitely time to get out of there


Climbing out of Kulusuk


More turbulence along the way, so cruising was done at 35000ft


Got into snow again on initial descent


But the weather cleared somewhat by the time I approached Narsarsuaq. Approach was from the north-east down the glacier


On final


Rolling out


And parked near the terminal…

…which is again modelled very nicely (“Narsarsuaq-airport-terminal-from-tarmac” by Algkalv (talk) – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons)


How cool is this: view from the tower which is also modelled on the inside

Just as with the Kulusuk scenery, the Narsarsuaq scenery was created by the people at Flightsim Greenland and is freeware. It got a Mutley’s Hangar Award for Excellence, and I can definitely see why.

As expected I made a loss on this flight: $1425 to be precise. Nothing the virtual wallet can’t handle since I made nice profits up until now. I will need to do some planning on what to do next. There are some passengers here that want to fly to Canada, but it’s a 675nm flight to Goose Bay and a 957nm flight to Sept-Iles. I may want to make a detour.



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