FSEconomy World Tour 14: BIKF-BGKK

Having seen some sights around Iceland, it was time to move on to Greenland. I was able to pick up 5 passengers that wanted to fly to Kulusuk in Greenland which apparently is home to a number of Danes just for the fact that the airport is there. Another fascinating place with a tiny population. Kulusuk Airport serves almost 15000 passengers a year, which considering there’s less than 300 people living in the village is huge. Bad weather moved in on Keflavík (rain) by the time I had planned my flight, and it doesn’t look much better for arrival at Kulusuk.


Barely visible from Keflavík tower in the rain


Leaving Iceland, turning west


Due to turbulence at lower flight levels I went up to 30000ft. High enough to form contrails


My first view of the Greenland coast through the clouds


Appraching Kulusuk airport, with the village’s colourful houses to the left


Raining again at touchdown


Parked at the terminal…

…which is modelled pretty close to real life
(“Kulusuk-airport-terminal” by Algkalv (talk) – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.)

The scenery is freeware developed by Flightsim Greenland.

Made $1300 on this flight. There’s three people here that want to fly to Keflavík (which is totally the wrong way), and one that wants to go to Narsarsuaq on the south tip of Greenland. I will probably lose money on that, but what can you do? Leg14


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