FSEconomy World Tour 9: BIHN-BIEG

I spent the night in Höfn (Höfn í Hornafirði), and got to the airport early to plan my next flights. Weather looks fine, so that shouldn’t be an issue. There is some stuff here that needs to go to Reykjavik and Keflavik so I could make the cross-Iceland trip in one go. However, I like flying in Iceland, so I decided to stick around for a bit. I am picking up 4 passengers that need to go to Egilsstadir (Egilsstaðir), a very young town even by Icelandic standards, and an express envelope that needs to go to Saudarkrokur (Sauðárkrókur). I called ahead to Egilsstadir and learned there’s two passengers there that need to get to Saudarkrokur as well. Egilsstadir has an asphalt runway, but the one at Saudarkrokur is gravel which made me wonder whether I should leave the Lear behind at Höfn, but after checking the stats of the aicraft, it turns out it has been approved by the FAA for gravel operations back in 1972 already.


Lined up and ready to go. One might want to stay here to admire the view though


Waving goodbye to the friendly staff here



Leaving the fjord


Rough country down there


Approaching Egilsstaðir Airport. Egilsstaðir to the right, Fellabær to the left of the river


On final


Barreling down the runway


Parked at the gate

The Iceland scenery is a free demo by the people at ORBX

Made $114 on this short hop. Will take those passengers onboard and continue to Sauðárkrókur later this afternoon.


On a sidenote: I spent some time a while ago setting up the graphics for FSX, but somehow these settings were lost which meant the first few logs on this trip have some pretty bad anti-aliasing issues. Those should be fixed now.


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