FSEconomy World Tour 8: EKVG-BIHN

I said yesterday that I had some pax that wanted to fly to Hornafjordur. As it turns out that is the name of the small airport and the name of the fjord where it’s located, but the town it services is actually called Höfn (Höfn í Hornafirði) (read the article: the description of this town is great). I remember from my Air Hauler days that the runway at the airport is tiny. I looked up the numbers and the Lear’s performance charts, and it should work, just. At the least the weather looks fine. Almost no wind at Hornafjordur, and cloudy, but below 200ft visitbility should be fine. Same goes for Vagar, even though there’s a bit more wind there.


Departure from Vagar is basically through a fjord, which makes it pretty interesting


Calm weather over the ocean again


Approaching the Icelandic coast


Chasing the setting sun


It’s a bit hazy, but the clouds meteo talked about earlier are gone


Seeing the runway just fine


Taxiing towards the “terminal” in the setting sun


And we’re there

The Iceland scenery is a free demo by the people at ORBX. It’s awesome. I was very surprised to actually see a man walking (as in moving) on the platform when I taxied in.

With the Lear inhaling fuel like there’s no tomorrow I only made $368 on this flight. That’s plenty to get me a hotel room and a good meal over here I think.leg8


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