FSEconomy World Tour 6: EGPO-EGPB

I spent a busy day stomping around Stornoway but it’s time to start moving again. I found 645kg of domestic cargo in need of a flight to Sumburgh on Shetland. From there I am hoping to be able to take a hop to Faroe and on to Iceland. I am still sticking with the Lear 24b. Nobody else in the FSEconomy world rented it while I was away, I like flying it, and the other aircraft are either overkill (in the form of an Antonov 24), or are too slow (for this 185nm trip across the sea) or too small. I am planning to leave at dawn. Weather at Stornoway is partly cloudy, with light winds. Sumburgh is seeing some showers, but no strong winds either.


I found the Lear parked between two classics


Weather was indeed calm


The tower observing the Lear taxiing to runway 18


Lined up and ready to go. Loved this little airport


And we’re off




Beautiful skies


More and more clouds approaching Shetland


The airport is only just visible behind the clouds. For some reason ATC vectored me in for a visual approach despite the weather


On final


And we’re down. Not exactly the longest runway I’ve been on during this trip


Taxiing to parking


And we’re done

Airport scenery is freeware by the good people at ORBX

Made about $1000 on this flight.

There’s a couple of people here that want to fly out to Faroe and guess who’s willing to take them there.



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