FSEconomy World Tour 5: EIKN-EGPO

I flew Manchester to Connaught in the morning, leaving enough time for another hop.  I found some cargo in need of a flight north on the local market: 833kg of medical supplies that needed to go to Stornoway. Stornoway, according to wikipedia, is a town on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides (also known as the Western Isles) of Scotland. Turns out the airport there is a former RAF base and has a runway almost 6000ft long. Still having fun with the Learjet 24b, so holding on to that for another round. The weather at Connaught  is still bad, but Stornoway is looking only partly cloudy with showers moving in later.


Indeed: still raining like crazy on departure


And indeed: Ireland is green


Weather clearing up over the sea



Initial descent: rough terrain down there


Runway in sight


On final


Rolling down the runway as seen from the tower


And again: some nice action going on 🙂

The Stornoway scenery is freeware created by Gordon Barnes.

Another $2800 and I finally came a bit further north! I will see whether I can get from here to the Faroe Islands or whether I first have to swing east again.



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